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MercatorNet: The new religion of transgenderism in Australian schools | MercatorNet

We need your advice. With marriage getting such a bad rap nowadays, we all need some positive, optimistic input. Can you help us pull together a list of great novels about romance? Take our survey; we'll publish the best entries next week. 
Our lead story today is a just-published review of Australia's Safe Schools curriclum by a law professor at the University of Sydney. Programs like this promoting transgenderism and homosexuality are being rolled out around the world, so no matter where you live, this article will be quite relevant. 

Michael Cook 

The new religion of transgenderism in Australian schools
By Michael Cook
Australia's Safe Schools program is so bizarre and fact-free that you can describe it as a cult, says an academic
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor inspires with her family ethic
By Tamara El-Rahi
An inspiration where other pop stars fail to be.
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Great novels about romance
By Carolyn Moynihan
Readers, give us your suggestions for best novels about romance and marriage.
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Four innovative foodies
By Shannon Roberts
New ideas deserve to be celebrated.
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Secret experiments on animals revealed
By Jennifer Minicus
Raffa discovers the truth behind investments in scientific research.
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Jane Austen to Bridget Jones: You have completely lost the plot
By Carolyn Moynihan
A third Bridget Jones movie is too much for Miss Austen.
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Are we seeing the end of Europe as we know it?
By Marcus Roberts
The continent is witnessing an unprecedented population change.
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‘To Whom Do Children Belong?’ A defense of parents’ rights
By Christopher O. Tollefsen
Exploring the special rights of parents and the obligations of biology.
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