sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

What's changed since 1930?

The world has changed in many ways, but sadly#ModernSlavery is still with us. 

Many countries have still not ratified the update to Convention 29 - the global treaty against#ForcedLabour, which was written in 1930. 

Today's laws should reflect today's realities - let’s not be stuck in the past. Sign the petition:https://www.walkfree.org/forced-labour/
Walk Free

You have already called on your government to ratify the Protocol to the 1930 Forced Labour Convention 29. Will you now help ramp up the pressure and ask more people to join you? You can tell your networks about it through Facebook or Twitter.

It’s 2016 and the modern world has brought us smartphones, broadband internet, and cheap international travel BUT incredibly when it comes to forced labour we're stuck in the past. 189 countries are yet to take an easy step that would update an international law from 1930 and protect us from slavery today.

Urge your family and friends to join you in calling on those governments who are procrastinating on Facebook or Twitter.

Although the original convention created protections for large parts of the global population, it also stipulated caveats which meant that for many countries where colonial rule existed – forced labour was still sanctioned.[1] By adding your friends and families’ names to the petition to change this, your voice will be stronger.

We have come to expect that technology, science and medicine will keep advancing. Let’s ensure our anti-slavery laws do too. Your network will add to the chorus of voices, reach out to them onFacebook or Twitter.

In solidarity,

Eugenia, Joanna, Zoe and the Walk Free team

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