jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Thunderclap: Tell Thailand to #FreeAndyHall

Thunderclap: Tell Thailand to #FreeAndyHall


In May, we wrote to tell you that Andy Hall was starting his trial in Bangkok.

Very soon his trial will be over.

Andy’s courage in risking his own freedom to stand up for the rights of others trapped in slavery must be recognised. Natural Fruit are using lawsuits to try and silence Andy’s investigations into slavery practices in their pineapple factories. They must not win.

To make sure Andy knows he is not facing this alone, we created a video to let him know that his personal sacrifice is appreciated by people all over the world.

Sign up to our Thunderclap and lend your social media* network to be part of the mass movement standing up for Andy Hall as he faces Natural Fruit in court. Together, we can get the message trending around the world.

  1. Visit this page to join our Thunderclap campaign.
  2. Volunteer your social accounts to help make some noise.
  3. At 2pm GMT on 3 August 2016, the Thunderclap will go live and simultaneously post this message: “I stand behind Andy Hall as he fights #ModernSlavery in the Thai pineapple industry #FreeAndyHall"
This is our last chance to show Andy he has the support of the international community behind him and urge the Thai authorities to drop the charges.

In solidarity,

Zoe and the Walk Free team

*Not on social media? No problem! You can still play just as important a role. Pledge to talk to three of your friends, family or colleagues about Andy’s case and how they can help by signing our petitionhere.

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