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Newsletter - IPS Inter Press Service

Newsletter - IPS Inter Press Service

IPS launches a series of stories and opeds on the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17

You Are More Powerful than You Think!
Monique Barbut
Are you overwhelmed by the depressing news coming at you daily? Conflict, forced migrants, famine, floods, hurricanes, extinction of species, climate change, threats of war … a seemingly endless list. It might surprise you, but you can really make a difference on many of these issues. Just ... MORE > >

Farmers from Central America and Brazil Join Forces to Live with Drought
Edgardo Ayala
Having a seven-litre container with a filter on the dining room table that purifies the collected rainwater, and opening a small valve to fill a cup and quench thirst, is almost revolutionry for Salvadoran peasant farmer Víctor de León. As if that weren't enough, having a pond dug in the ground, ... MORE > >

VIDEO: World Day to Combat Desertification - Land Has True Value. Invest In It
IPS World Desk
We are witnessing the degradation of about 24% of the planet's land, with water scarcity affecting almost 2 billion people on the planet. Globally, 169 countries are affected by land degradation or drought, or both. Already average losses equal 9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) but for ...MORE > >

Intelligent Land Use Seeks to Make Headway in Latin America
Orlando Milesi
Consumers can be allies in curbing desertification in Latin America, where different initiatives are being promoted to curtail it, such as sustainable land management, progress towards neutrality in land degradation or the incorporation of the bioeconomy. Ecuador is cited as an example in the ...MORE > >

When a Grass Towers over the Trees
Manipadma Jena
As governments scramble for corrective options to the worsening land degradation set to cost the global economy a whopping 23 trillion dollars within the next 30 years, a humble grass species, the bamboo, is emerging as the unlikely hero. “Bamboo being grass, all 1640 species have a very strong ...MORE > >

Great Green Wall Brings Hope, Greener Pastures to Africa’s Sahel
Issa Sikiti da Silva
Hope, smiles and new vitality seem to be returning slowly but surely in various parts of the Sahel region, where the mighty Sahara Desert has all but ‘eaten’ and degraded huge parts of landscapes, destroying livelihoods and subjecting many communities to extreme poverty. The unexpected relief ... MORE > >

Leading from the Front: Zambia Launches Plant a Million Trees Initiative
Friday Phiri
As global climate experts meet in Bonn this week to discuss how to take climate action forward, Zambia counts itself amongst the leaders as President Edgar Lungu officially launches the Plant a Million (PAM) trees Initiative. In fact, the initiative is even more ambitious than its name implies, ... MORE > >

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