viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

#NotJustAMaid petition delivered!

Dear "el dispreciau",
Your voice is being heard! A few days ago we delivered your signature, along with 28,127 others from incredible supporters in 173 countries, to the Indonesian House of Representatives.

Walk Free and our partner, Migrant Care, met with Dede Yusuf of Commission IX1, telling him that the world is urging Indonesia to prioritize and pass the Domestic Workers’ Bill this year. If it does, millions of domestic workers will finally be protected by labour laws - laws that can help prevent modern slavery.
Dede Yusuf expressed his support for the bill, and Commission IX officially recommended it for the 2016 legislative agenda.We’re almost there - last month the Domestic Work Bill made the top 57 bills tabled for the legislative agenda.2
This agenda should be finalised by the legislature in the coming days. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear.
Jamison, Kamini, Migrant Care, and the Walk Free team
P.S. We are thrilled by the support you have shown to the #NotJustAMaid campaign. We reached hundreds of thousands of people on social media in raising awareness of domestic slavery. If you haven’t yet, check out the last installment of our video series, Employers stand up for domestic workers’ rights.
1Commission IX is the House commission that oversees labour laws.

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