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News from Keith Taylor MEP

A note from Keith....

Happy New Year and welcome to my first newsletter of 2016! This year is set to bring an interesting challenge - with the EU referendum looking increasingly likely to be this year, we all need to think carefully about how EU membership affects our daily lives. I will be campaigning for us to remain a member of the EU, because I believe that we flourish when we work together on the shared challenges we face. I invite my constituents to raise their questions and share their thoughts with me:keithtaylor@greenmeps.org.uk

Keith rallies behind the South East's community energy revolution

Keith has launched a 
new report showcasing the fantastic achievements of community-owned renewable energy projects in the South East.

With the Government scaling up its attack on renewables whilst at the same time paving the way for fracking across the UK, Keith's report highlights the potential in the South East for a clean energy revolution. Keith said:

“This report shows that across the South East communities have the passion, willingness and know-how to achieve amazing things by taking power into their own hands and creating people-powered, clean energy.

"The Government’s relentless attack on renewables not only threatens the UK’s chances of meeting their EU renewables targets, it undermines global commitments at the climate talks in Paris. Our Government has a responsibility to harness, not hinder, clean energy." 

Hard copies of the report "Taking back the power: Community Energy in the South East" are available upon request: 

Flooding response: Keith urges UK to apply for EU support

Keith is urging the Government to apply for EU funds to support those affected by the recent floods in the UK. Keith and fellow MEPs havewritten to the Environment Secretary, calling on the Government to apply for money from the EU's 'solidarity fund' which was set up to assist countries hit by national disasters. He also called on the Government to make use of funding available via the EU for sustainable flood prevention measures to protect his constituents in the future. Keith said:

“We know that there is money available from the EU for this kind of emergency so why the Government isn’t seeking out support to help UK citizens in this time of need is completely beyond me.

"I sincerely hope that the Government isn’t letting scepticism about the EU get in the way of applying for this funding. That would be a major mistake when thousands of people are suffering as a result of this flooding.”

Keith calls on Parliament to defend nature 

During a recent visit to an RSPB reserve in the South East, Keith called on fellow MEPs to protect vital EU nature laws which are currently under threat.

The EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives are some of the world’s most progressive and successful nature conservation laws, but these are currently under threat as part of a review by the European Commission. Only continued and coordinated efforts at EU level can help tackle biodiversity loss and degradation of our ecosystems, which take place across national borders. And it is only by remaining a member of the EU that we can have a say over the safeguarding of these laws.

Keith has been a part of a campaign urging the European Commission to resist calls to weaken these vital laws, and instead concentrate on proper implementation and enforcement. There is an important vote in the European Parliament in February on this issue - please email your MEPs and ask them to join Keith in defending nature: 

Keith succeeds in booting out high sugar levels in draft EU laws on baby food

The European Parliament has voted to reject draft EU rules on baby food, which would have allowed baby food to contain far higher levels of sugar than those recommended by the World Health Organisation. Keith was behind the objections to these irresponsible proposals and was successful in bringing a majority in the Parliament behind his position. Commenting directly after the vote, Keith said:

"The European Parliament has today voted to put the health of babies and children first. The health risks associated with excessive sugar consumption are now widely accepted. The role of regulation should be try and address this risk, particularly for infants and children, who are the most vulnerable consumers."

Keith helps secure investigation into 'Diesel-gate' 

Keith and his fellow Green MEPs have helped to establish a new European Parliamentary committee to investigate the illegal manipulation of pollutant emissions tests for cars, as recently uncovered in the Volkswagen scandal.

Currently, nine out of ten diesel vehicles exceed the pollution levels permitted under EU law. This is deeply worrying, given the human cost of this pollution; in Europe, 400,000 premature deaths are caused by air pollution.

January 2016 Newsletter 

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In Parliament

Keith sits on the Environment Committee and the Transport and Tourism Committee within the European Parliament. He also sits on the delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council.

EU Referendum

A referendum on our membership of the EU is expected this year, and by the end of 2017 at the latest. Here’s a link to more information about what the referendum could mean.



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