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Resolute Reads

Resolute Reads

Kim Kardashian West Returns to White House for Prisoner Reentry Event
-CBS News
“Kim Kardashian West, who was a driving force behind the commutation of Alice Johnson, returned to the White House to speak at an event promoting the hiring of prisoners released early under the First Step Act, the criminal justice reform law President Trump signed into law in December,” CBS reports. “These people want to work. They want the best outcome,” Kardashian West said.
F-35 Over Washington: An Excellent Message to Friend and Foe
-Washington Examiner
“President Trump was right on Wednesday to order an F-35B strike fighter overflight of Washington, D.C. The display was a gesture to visiting Polish President Andrzej Duda. Poland intends to buy a number of F-35s,” Tom Rogan writes. “But this flypast also sends a broader message to the world . . . It's better to be an American friend than an American enemy.”

🎬 Watch: A historic F-35 White House flyover
When Will Congress Get Serious About the Suffering at the Border?
-The New York Times
“It is time for Congress to stop dithering and pass emergency funding to deal with this nightmare” at our southern border, The New York Times editorial board writes. “Border facilities and migrant shelters are dangerously overcrowded, and the staff is overburdened. Dysfunction, disease and even death are a growing reality.” The bottom line: “It has been more than a month since the administration sent Congress a request for $4.5 billion in additional border assistance.” The time for action is now.
Ivanka Trump Pushes Initiative to Give Women Bigger Role in Global Peace Efforts
-The Wall Street Journal
Research shows that countries are more peaceful and stable when women have a seat at the decision-making table. The Trump Administration unveiled a new initiative this week “aimed at giving women a bigger role in global peace and security efforts,” Catherine Lucey reports. “White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, has been a key champion of the effort and took part in a discussion about it at the Capitol with a bipartisan group of lawmakers.”

🎬 Watch: Ivanka Trump on getting more Americans into the workforce
"It's a Huge Deal" – Iowa Farmers React to President Trump's Order on E15 Fuel
“President Donald Trump came to Council Bluffs to praise farmers, and pledged to continue fighting for them,” José Zozaya reports. “The president announced year-round sales of E15 fuel,” as well as new actions to help farmers produce safer, more sustainable crops without excessive interference from Washington. “It’s a huge deal,” said local farmer Bruce Bracker. President Trump is “a businessman that keeps his word.”
A Win for Trump in the Border Fight
-Boston Herald
“Chalk up another big win for President Trump, getting Mexico to act on the border crisis that do-nothing Democrats continue to recklessly ignore and downplay at America’s peril,” Adriana Cohen writes. “In May alone, 144,278 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border . . . [Last week,] the president announced the U.S. has reached an agreement with Mexico to stem the tide of illegal immigrants.”

🎬 WatchThank you to the brave men and women who protect our border!
Gov. Wolf and President Trump Find Common Ground on Workforce Issues
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) and President Trump “don’t agree on much, but common ground brought them together Thursday – along with seven other governors – to discuss barriers to workforce entry,” Tracie Mauriello writes. “Two initiatives both support are criminal justice reforms that make it easier for people convicted of crimes to re-enter the workforce and occupational licensing reforms that loosen requirements and make it easier for military spouses to transfer licenses between states.”

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