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‘A Great and Noble Man’: Bush Honored One Last Time in Washington

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‘A Great and Noble Man’: Bush Honored One Last Time in Washington

“A military band played ‘Hail to the Chief,’ cannons sang out a 21-gun salute and the presidential jet took to the sky, lifting former President George H.W. Bush away from Washington one last time,” Stephan Dinan writes in the Washington Examiner.

“He stood in the breach in the Cold War against totalitarianism. He stood in the breach in Washington against unthinking partisanship. He stood in the breach against tyranny and discrimination. And on his watch, a wall fell in Berlin, a dictator’s aggression did not stand and doors across America opened to those with disabilities,” biographer Jon Meacham eulogized at the National Cathedral in Washington.

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“The U.S. Navy will honor the late President George H.W. Bush with a record-breaking 21-aircraft memorial flyover formation on Thursday when the president is laid to rest in College Station, Texas,” Maria Biery reports for the Washington Examiner. “Naval aviators will fly in a ‘missing man’ formation, which typically only involves four planes. The tribute to Bush will mark the largest missing man formation ever performed, according to Navy officials.”
In The Daily Signal, Riley Walters writes that new trade negotiations between the United States and China are off to a successful start, with the recent meeting between President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping of China being pivotal. “The two sides agreed to a process that will begin to address many of the outstanding tariffs, non-tariff barriers, and importantly, intellectual property complaints the U.S. has against China.”
“President Trump's economic adviser Larry Kudlow says subsidies for electric cars and other renewable energy programs might soon be eliminated. That would be a major victory on the road to energy freedom,” the Investor’s Business Daily editorial board writes. “The government shouldn't be picking winners and losers in the marketplace. That's especially true of energy, the lifeblood of the world economy.”

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