viernes, 7 de junio de 2019

The burden of elections | The Indian Express

The burden of elections | The Indian Express

The burden of elections

Debate electoral reforms, but refrain from sullying the reputation of institutions.

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Here is how to watch 2019 Lok Sabha election results on your mobile. (Representational Image: Express Photo by Partha Paul.Purulia.03.04.15)

On May 23, the people of India delivered their verdict in electing members of Parliament, who would echo their voice in the Lok Sabha. In the biggest democratic exercise of the world, 613 million people, nearly twice the population of the US, exercised their franchise. It was the culmination of a prolonged and acrimonious election campaign, which is expected in a democracy of the scale and complexity of India. Yet, this time around, the political rhetoric dragged even the Election Commission into the battlefield. Players of the game sought to question not only the referee, but also the instruments and the rules of the game. Now that the exercise is over, it is perhaps germane to ponder over some key issues raised during this election.

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