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Mike Pompeo is the Leader America Needs as Its Top Diplomat

Mike Pompeo is the Leader America Needs as Its Top Diplomat

The White House • April 13, 2018

Driving the Day

Vice President Mike Pence departed Washington, D.C., this morning to represent the United States at the Opening Ceremony of the eighth Summit of the Americas in Peru. Before the summit, the Vice President will meet with Venezuelan opposition leaders at the residence of the U.S. Ambassador in Peru.

Mike Pompeo is the top diplomat America needs

CIA Director Mike Pompeo believes that leadership is about results. And for the past 14 months, those results have been exemplary. From pressuring North Korea to dismantling ISIS, some of the Trump Administration’s biggest foreign policy accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without CIA support under the watch of Director Pompeo.
Pompeo’s successes come from proven experience. He has been privy to some of America’s toughest national security challenges since 2010, when he served on the House Intelligence Committee as a freshman member of Congress. He’s had stints as a U.S. Cavalry officer, an entrepreneur, an executive—even as Editor of Harvard Law Review.
His storied career adds up to one certainty: Mike Pompeo will be ready to lead the State Department on day one. With the grave threats facing our country, America needs him as our next Secretary of State.

Tax cuts are energizing employers of all sizes

President Trump shared big news from the Rose Garden yesterday. Optimism among American manufacturers has reached unprecedented levels, according to a new survey from a leading industry group. Manufacturer optimism stood at 93.5 percent, the second highest reading in the survey’s history.
Even better news is what that means for workers. The same survey showed that manufacturers anticipate wages will grow at the fastest pace in 17 years. “All you used to hear is that we’re losing our manufacturing jobs; jobs are being taken out of the country,” President Trump said yesterday. “They’re coming back and they’re coming back fast.”
Other major reports tell the same story. Small businesses across sectors are worrying less about taxes and are investing more in their workers, according to a National Federation of Independent Businesses survey last month. And Ernst & Young reports that 89 percent of executives say their companies plan to increase worker compensation as a result of tax cuts.

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks on Tax Reform to American Workers

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