jueves, 26 de abril de 2018

36 hours to Save the Bees

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In 36 hours the EU could TOTALLY BAN bee-killing pesticides! France, the UK, Germany and 9 other countries are in favour, but we need to get four more on board to win the vote. This is down to the wire. Every voice counts -- join in and share this everywhere. 

Dear friends,

Right now, across the world billions of bees are dying. But, in 36 hours the EU could TOTALLY BAN toxic bee-killing pesticides!

Top scientists and farmers' unions are calling for a ban, the European public massively supports it, and France, the UK, Germany and 9 other countries are in favour. But we need four more countries on board to win the vote on Friday. If Europe moves -- we can get the whole world to follow.

This is down to the wire and every voice counts -- join in and share this everywhere today:

Click to ban the bee-killers!

The US and Europe are seeing bees die out at a terrifying rate. And because they pollinate our crops, our whole food chain is under threat! 

But big chemical companies that sell pesticides are lobbying the EU to delay. So Avaazers across Europe are frantically calling their Ministers, running ads, and building the pressure.

Now, we need to make this the biggest public petition ever for the bees. Join in and and share this everywhere:

Click to ban the bee-killers!
The Avaaz community has led the charge to ban neonicotinoids, for years. Now we're days away from getting this poison banned for good in Europe -- let's build a swarm of hope for our bees.

With hope,
Alice, Antonia, Lisa, Nick, and the whole Avaaz team

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