viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Win! Denmark, Iceland, Jamaica

Success! THREE countries have recently adopted International Labour Organization (ILO) Protocol 29 and progressed the fight against forced labor: Denmark, Iceland and Jamaica.

Celebrate our win by sharing our campaign with your friends and family or leaving a comment about why you think it’s so important to join this campaign!

Protocol 29 creates new responsibilities for governments in the fight against forced labor. It includes measures on prevention, protection for victims and justice against perpetrators. Once a country had adopted the Protocol it is legally binding under international law.
Thirteen countries have now ratified Protocol 29. We want more countries to join themand help tackle modern slavery by implementing effective legislation. This includes many European countries that have yet to sign Protocol 29 despite having made promises.

We understand that Italy’s ratification process is underway. 
Let’s keep the pressure on to end the abuse of tens of thousands of workers
 illegally recruited by Italy’s “caporali” (informal recruiters). Amongst these are vulnerable migrants that are escaping modern slavery and trafficking in Libya. 

You’ve already taken the first step by signing our petition calling on your country to act.    

Now help spread the word about the Protocol and encourage others to sign by sharing our campaign or leaving a comment on the page!

In determination,
Zoe, Joanna, Miriam and the Freedom United Team

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