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In a world of shifting standards, Cecile Richards stands for what is true and permanent. Thank you | MercatorNet | July 31, 2017 | MercatorNet |
| MercatorNet | July 31, 2017 | MercatorNet |

In a world of shifting standards, Cecile Richards stands for what is true and permanent. Thank you

In a world of shifting standards, Cecile Richards stands for what is true and permanent. Thank you

Be very, very careful about the wording of your tweets
Michael Cook | Jul 31 2017 | comment 

Did the President of Planned Parenthood know what she was tweeting?  
Almost certainly not.
But let’s give credit where credit is due. When luminaries everywhere have flicked off the lights in their noggins, Cecile Richards shone the torch of truth onto the most controversial issue of the day: transgenderism.
Can there be anything more heteronormative, more supportive of the archaic and oppressive theory of gender binarism than the offensive words “brothers” and “sisters”? By using this fundamental binary distinction Ms Richards was quietly trashing all of the other 54 genders, from Genderqueer to Pangender to Trans* Woman. All of them. Into the rubbish bin of history.
Ms Richards’s insightful tweet may only have been 22 words long, but it reminded all of her 149,000 followers on Twitter that the complementary duality of male and female, man and woman, boy and girl, or brother and sister is simply inescapable. Human beings are born as one or the other. The distinction is embedded in their bodies, their psyche, their DNA, even the bacteria in their gut.
It takes more than defiant courage to change the transgender paradigm which has taken root amidst the progressive establishment; it takes tact. This is a quality which Ms Richards must have in spades. By embracing all transgenders within the brother/sister binary, she has subtly undermined the whole movement.
What can we say but, Thank you, Cecile!
Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet. 

July 31, 2017
If you are looking for an inspiring good news story, click right now on Carolyn Moynihan’s account of a New Zealand couple whose spinal bifida baby was treated surgically before birth.
Unhappily about 80% of spinal bifida babies are aborted. But technology has advanced rapidly and the chances of these children leading a normal life are much greater nowadays. As Carolyn reminds us, “the more parents who embrace a baby with spina bifida, the stronger the incentive to take the technology forward.”
Now for something completely different: some shameless self-promotion.
I have just published a book, The Great Human Dignity Heist: How bioethicists are trashing the foundations of Western civilization. This is a collection of my essays about bioethics on MercatorNet and other publications.
So you are all invited to a book launch at Parliament House, Sydney, on Thursday, August 10, at 1pm. (RSVP to or on Facebook.) Professor Margaret Somerville will be the main speaker.
And of course, if you cannot make it, feel free to order a book online
In Australia from the publisher, Connor Court
In the US and Canada from Amazon (feel free to leave a review of the book!)

Michael Cook

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