martes, 18 de julio de 2017


"The Fundamental error in the CBO’s health-care projections"

- Marc Short and Brian Blase in The Washington Post
Marc Short and Brian Blase pen that in the coming days the Congressional Budget Office will release its score on the Senate’s healthcare proposal, and that the American public and Congress shouldn’t weigh it too heavily. The reason? “The CBO’s methodology, which favors mandates over choice and competition, is fundamentally flawed," Mr. Short and Blase write. “As a result, its past predictions regarding health-care legislation have not borne much resemblance to reality. Its prediction about the Senate bill is unlikely to fare much better.”
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Today, President Trump’s administration is highlighting companies and products from around the country at the White House to kick-off Made in America week. Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier featured a locally-owned body armor firm that was invited, and the Asheville Citizen Times reported that “Cheerwine, born in the South, to be raised in the White House.”
In terms of infrastructure development and investment, in The New York Times,Former Bush 43 Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and AECOM Vice President Samara Barend debunk criticisms of public-private partnerships, saying private investment “can help leverage limited but essential public dollars into successful projects that are completed ahead of schedule, at lower cost and with greater accountability.”
Regarding the Judiciary, The Washington Times editorial board praises the President’s slate of judicial nominees so far, saying he has worked “to honor his promise to appoint judges with due regard to the law, precedent and above all to the Constitution.”
In the Washington Examiner, Salena Zito talks with Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry on his work on behalf of the President to return the U.S. to energy dominance.

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