domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Tell the UN: End slavery in conflict!

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Thousands of men, women and children are trafficked and forced into sexual slavery in conflicts across the world, from Nigeria to Syria. On 1 January, a new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres took office: as a seasoned human rights expert, he has the authority to help us tackle the scourge of slavery in conflict.
Our long-standing campaign to bring an end to trafficking and slavery in war has already had a huge impact in 2016, but our work is not over yet. In November, we delivered 89,254 signatures to the delegation of Spain to the UN.
On 20 December, we reached a turning point: the fifteen UN Security Council members unanimously agreed to the first ever resolution calling on all UN member states to prevent, investigate and prosecute those perpetrators of trafficking and slavery in conflict situations. The UN is also urging for strong mechanisms to protect victims of trafficking in armed conflicts.
It is now time to call for the implementation of this resolution and for a dedicated UN representative on slavery in conflict to be appointed to help improve protection measures and bring about justice for thousands of survivors.
In solidarity,
Vittorio, Zoe, Joanna, Victoria and the Walk Free team


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