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Sex-gender debate, new scientific findings. Human organs production in animals. Regenerative medicine current findings. Nº 50

Sex-gender debate, new scientific findings. Human organs production in animals. Regenerative medicine current findings. Nº 50

nº 50

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Regenerative medicine ethics. It is sucess used in various diseases but cells used is important, since embryonic cells presents objective ethical problems

Regenerative medicine. A review of current findings from an ethical perspective

The field of action of regenerative medicine is growing daily. Indeed, we only have to look at the economic figures that it moves. However, also has important ethical components, not only related with the use of embryonic stem cells — cells which, as we know, require the… Read more.
Sex and gender. Sex reassignment procedures efficacy. More than 500 studied the matter. This report summarise the results.

Sex and gender. New findings, new controversy

'Patients who had undergone sex reassignment surgery at his hospital, stated that the problems presented by patients before the surgery had not been resolved, at either human relationship, work or emotional level… Read more.


Public funds authorised for production of chimeras (human-animal hybrids)

Public funds authorised for production of human-animal hybrids

In September 2005, the dedication of public financial aid by the NHI for experiments on transferring human stem cells to animal embryos was banned. This ban was lifted for certain experiments, and now… Read more.
Rules for regulating genome editing - particularly gene drive

Rules for regulating genome editing - particularly gene drive

The dynamic field of research into gene editing provides an opportunity to rewrite the rules of science, says Kevin Esvelt. Organism could eventually alter populations of the species throughout the world. Any… Read more.
Face transplant ethics.After Ms Dinoire death with two cancers seems to be necessary reconsider the ethical aspects of it.

World's first face transplant recipient dies. Time to reconsider the ethics of it

The Frenchwoman who underwent the world's first face transplant in 2005, died at 48 years of age in Amiens Hospital, where she had… Read more.


Cell therapy clinics questioned. 350 cell therapy centres in United States offering treatments lack approval by FDA and even a modest clinical trial

Cell therapy clinics questioned.Technical and ethical aptitude in USA

There are 350 cell therapy centres offering stem cell-based treatments for autism, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, there are questioned because the lack of approval by (FDA), but even a modest clinical tria... Read more.
Ectopic embryos doubles is an added risk for assisted reproduction. Remains to know if the clinics inform it to their clients

Incidence of ectopic embryos, doubles in assisted reproduction

Ectopic pregnancies are a serious obstetric complication, after using assisted reproduction techniques is higher (double) than that of natural pregnancies . Several of these have described the possible causes of ectopic pregnancies in assisted reproduction… Read more.
Maternidad subrogada Todas las medidas relativas a la maternidad subrogada, de alquiler o altruista, deberían orientarse a prohibir esta práctica

Nepal also bans surrogacy industry

Nepal has decided to suspend all surrogacy programmes in the country. After surrogacy was banned in Thailand, Nepal became the new Mecca for international assisted reproduction techniques, now…
An article published in Nature shows the production of organoids mini kidneys comparable to first-trimester foetal kidneys using iPS cells enfermedades renales.

Organoids. Mini-kidneys produced with iPS cells

Regenerating or producing a kidney is very complex — if not impossible right now — since more than 20 different types of cells need to be produced. However, the production of organoids mini kidneys (mini-organs) could be a preliminary step… Read more.
A study about agriculture genetic engineering proves that it is the first cause of the improvement of production and criticises politicians attitudes

Genetic engineering in European agriculture rise production

 The scientific advisor HFFA Research has published the study entitled " The economic, social and environmental value of plantbreeding" … Read more.
Older women preganacy risks. As obstetric complications in these women remain high American Society of Reproductive Medicine made an ethical evaluation

Pregnancy risks in older women

Advanced reproductive age is a risk factor for women's fertility, pregnancy loss, foetal abnormalities, stillbirth and obstetric complications. The American Society of Reproductive  recently… Read more.
The outcome of the first case in which a child was born after a uterus transplant between mother and daughter arises the debate

First child born after mother-daughter uterus transplant

Uterus transplantation is accompanied by an intense clinical and ethical debate.  The pregnancy was achieved after transfer of the first embryo and was…
Teenage pregnancy rates have fallen to their lowest levels in England, The first time that the national policy appears to be efficient

Teenage pregnancy rates fall to their lowest levels in UK

Teenage pregnancies rates have fallen to their lowest levels in England, suggesting that the national policy to encourage sex education  has been effective. An studyshow that the rates in England, which was... Read more.

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