sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

It's a Penalty Campaign Film - Rio 2016


Today, we witness the spectacular opening ceremony at the Rio Olympics 2016. The first Olympic and Paralympic Games ever held in South America will host over 15,000 competing athletes. Their amazing efforts have got them to this historic event. 

Global sporting events bring together communities, to watch and marvel at the world’s greatest athletes. It reminds us how much we can achieve together.

Commercial child sexual exploitation is already a serious concern in Brazil, with an estimated 250,000 to 400,000 children forced into sexual exploitation.[1] The cities with the highest rates of child exploitation and abuse in Brazil are Salvador and Rio de Janeiro – both hosting Olympic events. Share this video and make sure that those who visit Brazil during the Olympics are there for the sport.

It’s A Penalty is a campaign spreading awareness to protect vulnerable children from exploitation and abuse – children who are at a higher risk due to the influx of visitors to Brazil. Sporting legends agree, and have added their voice to this video. See what they have to say by watching and help it go further by sharing it with those close to you.

In Solidarity, 

Eugenia, Kat, Joanna and the Walk Free team 

P.S. Research conducted by the University of Dundee in Brazil reports on the risk of sexual exploitation of children at major sporting events, which is greater for girls.[2] Share the video and raise awareness.

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