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What do airport expansion, tax justice, air pollution and bees have in common? || Keith Taylor MEP

EU takes positive action on tax justice, moves to protect bees while EU laws have made it possible to hold the Government to account over toxic air

Keith's message on the anniversary of the EU referendum
Last month, I reflected on the anniversary of the EU referendum and if, as they say, a week in politics is a long time, the last year has seemed like a lifetime.

I used the anniversary to make a renewed pledge to fight for vital 'Green Guarantees' throughout the Brexit negotiations, including: 
  • Safeguarding environmental laws protecting the UK's air and water, our animals and wildlife;
  • Upholding the rights of EU nationals living in the UK and expats living in the EU;
  • Ensuring young people maintain the right to travel, study and work across Europe;
  • Protecting the UK from toxic trade deals that hand power to multinational corporations or threaten our NHS, and;
  • Giving the British people the final say on the Brexit deal, once it is clear what the offer is - with remaining in the EU an option.
At the same time, the business of fighting for equality, and social and tax justice for citizens across the EU while protecting our wildlife and environment and taking bold action on climate change continues.

As you'll read below, the EU has been at the heart of some very positive action in recent weeks while EU laws have allowed the UK government to be held accountable too

BREAKING: Keith responds to disappointing air pollution ruling

Thanks to EU air pollution regulations, environmental lawyers have been able to take the Government back to court for its failure to tackle the UK's air quality crisis. I was frustrated by the ruling, but it is not the end of the fight. Read more...

Public Meeting: Solutions to the UK's air quality crisis

Come and join me in Brighton on Monday, 17 July to discuss air pollution, the Government's draft air quality plan, and what we can and should be doing now to tackle the public health crisis.

I'll be joined by ClientEarth's Healthy Air campaigner Andrea Lee and Dr Kirsty Smallbone, Head of School at Brighton University's School of Environment and Technology.

Refreshments will be provided and the event is FREE to attend, but places are limited, so please register your interest via Eventbrite.

EU moves for total ban on bee-killing pesticides as industry-funded study confirms fatal impact on pollinators

I was one of a majority of MEPs on the European Parliament's Environment Committee to vote for a complete ban on the use of bee-killing pesticides across the EU. I have also challenged the UK Conservatives, who have tried to overturn the restrictions, to follow the EU's lead as two new reports, one funded by the industry itself, prove beyond doubt that neonicotinoids are harmful to vital pollinators. Read more...
Working with campaigners to fight against the use of bee-killing pesticides across Europe

European Parliament votes for tax justice, but Brexit threatens efforts in the UK

Recent tax scandals (e.g. Luxleaks, Ikea, BASF, Zara, Google, McDonald’s, Amazon etc.) have shown how large companies can artificially shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions to avoid paying taxes.
Country-by-country reporting requires large multinationals operating within the EU to publish financial information for all territories in which they operate and would increase transparency and help combat massive tax avoidance.
Greens have supported this idea for years and I was pleased to see the proposal backed by the majority of MEPs. Read more...

Heathrow expansion will bust air pollution limits, the staff car scheme proves it. Read more...

Tories still insisting on using EU citizens in the UK and expats in the EU as bargaining chips

Theresa May has taken more than a year to lay out her proposals on the future of citizens’ rights post-Brexit, but it’s clear the Prime Minister has used none of the time available to actually answer any of the major questions or offer any certainty to EU nationals living in the UK or UK nationals living in the EU. The only question the proposals answer is: will the Tories continue to use the lives and livelihoods of millions as bargaining chips? And the answer is a resounding: yes. It is anything but a ‘fair’ or ‘serious’ offer. Read more...

New figures reveal EU energy efficiency regulations benefitting UK consumers - Brexit puts that at risk

A Tory Brexit will ‘increase fuel poverty’ and ‘kneecap action on carbon emissions’, according to a new study which highlights how EU energy efficiency rules have helped keep down energy bills and carbon emissions.

In its latest report, the Committee on Climate Change confirms that bills and emissions have been forced down since 2008 by EU energy efficiency rules but are set to rise post-Brexit.

At the same time, government statistics reveal that the number of households in fuel poverty rose by more than 2% under the coalition government, with the latest figures showing more than 2.5 million families cannot afford to keep their homes adequately heated. Read more...

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