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US President, voting for peace, Article 50, and the freedom of protest

US President, voting for peace, Article 50, and the freedom of protest

A message from Keith

Welcome to the November edition of my newsletter. At this moment, far-right politicians across the world are falling over themselves to congratulate the new President-elect of the United States of America. Donald Trump's victory is a stark reminder of why we must continue to stand up against the politics of fear.It's also more than four months on from the EU referendum, it's starting to feel like winter, and we're still in the cold over the government's plan to take us out of the European Union. In this newsletter, you will find updates on my reaction to the Article 50 court ruling, more about the importance of EU air pollution laws, my visits with anti-drilling campaigners in Sussex and Surrey and the legal challenges that could put a stop to Heathrow expansion and plenty more besides.

Policing report reveals bully boy tactics used against fracking protesters

I spent last week visiting and offering my support to peaceful and dedicated anti-drilling and anti-fracking campaigners in Sussex and Surrey. Days later, a report revealed how the fundamental rights of protesters, like those in Leith Hill and Billingshurst, have been undermined by the politically charged policing of protests. Read more...
Keith, a vocal anti-poverty campaigner has previously raised the issue of cruel and punitive benefit changes and their effects on society's most vulnerable.

Foodbank use soars in South East

I was shocked and appalled by the latest foodbank statistics from the Trussell Trust; which expose that the government's de facto 'hunger as a punishment for poverty' policy has led to a record number of people in the South East being forced to turn to foodbanks in the last six months. Between April and September 2016, the organisation handed out 45,435 three day food supplies to people in crisis across the region, compared to 44,427 during the same period in 2015. Read more...

Air pollution ruling proves importance of EU laws

Client Earth is a fantastic and tenacious organisation; its latest court defeat of the government has exposed the extent to which Ministers refuse to tackle a UK-wide toxic air pollution crisis. Judges ruled that, yet again, the government has failed in its duty to uphold air quality laws. The ruling just goes to highlight the importance of EU air pollution limits. Read more...

Article 50 ruling a victory for parliamentary democracy

I welcome the High Court's technical ruling against the government's proposal to subvert the sovereignty of parliament and invoke Article 50 without offering MPs a vote. I also condemn, in the strongest terms, the ugly and unjustified attacks made, in the right wing press, on the independence of the judiciary and the judges responsible for making the decision. Read more...

The legal challenge that could stop a third runway at Heathrow

After discussing the legal avenues available to campaigners against Heathrow with environmental and legal experts, I decided to write a blog on the subject. In the article, I outline the clear and compelling legal arguments against building a third runway. I have also written extensively, elsewhere, on the many reasons why expansion would be a disaster for the people of the South East, the people of London, and the planet. Read more...

EU and UN vote against nuclear weapons welcome

I was one of a large majority of MEPs to vote to in the European Parliament to support UN moves towards nuclear disarmament. I happily joined 415 MEPs in welcoming a recommendation that the UN General Assembly convenes a conference in 2017 to negotiate a legally-binding ban on nuclear weapons. Shortly after the EU vote, the UN voted to start those very negotiations. The vote is a historic victory for global peace and an important reminder of just how central peace-building is, and has been, to the European Union project. The vote highlighted that Britain is among a tiny minority of nations harbouring nuclear weapons at a time when the majority of the world is calling for disarmament. Read more...

Working across the South East of England

To keep in touch with my constituents, I have a team of staff based in the UK:
Constituency Coordinator and Kent - Krysia Williams, email: keithtaylor@greenmeps.org.uk
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire - Karen Barass, email: karen@greenmeps.org.uk
Surrey and Sussex - Jo Prior, email jo@greenmeps.org.uk

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - Eloise Shavelar, email eloise@greenmeps.org.uk

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