jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

We took your signature to Tata

Dear "el dispreciau",
Curious about what happened when Tata Global Beverages’ were presented with your signature? We’ve been told they were "astonished" by the incredible number of people asking them to show leadership in ending trafficking from Assam’s tea gardens.
Carolyn from STOP THE TRAFFIK handed in over 190,000 Walk Free and STOP THE TRAFFIK petition signatures to Tata’s headquarters in India. The meeting she had with managers was positive, and your support really helped to show that this issue can no longer be ignored. 
That’s not all. Carolyn also visited the tea gardens to see for herself what progress is actually being made on the ground. CLICK to read her first-hand account.
She reports that some positive changes have happened on the plantations such as clean water supplies being set up, house repairs carried out and programmes to build resilient communities are starting. It seems that the managers of Tata's plantations “are indeed taking the first step.”
She added: "From the local people's point of view, this is a tiny beginning and only happened because a spotlight was shone on the situation by the rest of the world. They asked us to keep shining that light. We must."
We know we’ve got Tata’s attention. And we know that together with other anti-slavery organisations we will continue to make progress in this long battle of ending trafficking from the tea gardens of Assam.
We’ll be monitoring for further developments to ensure that Tata follows through on their promises. Once you’ve read the blog, why not spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family?
Let’s keep shining that light!
Thank you,
Kamini and Jayde from Walk Free and Carolyn and Katy from STOP THE TRAFFIK

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