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Resolute Reads

Resolute Reads
U.S. Jobs Grew by 196,000 in March as Hiring Bounces Back
-The Wall Street Journal
“U.S. hiring sprang back in March, showing a slowdown in February was likely just a passing chill during a historically long stretch of job creation. Nonfarm payrolls increased a seasonally adjusted 196,000 in March”—beating market expectations once again, Eric Morath and Sarah Chaney report. “The unemployment rate held steady at 3.8% last month, just above a 49-year low.”

By the numbers: Unemployment rate for women is lowest since 1953
Democrats Need to Help Fix the Border Crisis or Get Out of Trump’s Way
-New York Post
“Even the most partisan Democrats are hard-pressed at this point to deny that the border crisis President Trump has long been warning about actually exists,” the New York Posteditorial board writes. “Yet that hasn’t stopped them from reflexively denouncing pretty much any action he takes — without suggesting any solution or ideas of their own.”

🎬 Scenes of a crisisSmugglers push children through barbed wire barrier
Border Shock: 50% Surge in Gang Members, 650,000 Illegal Immigrants Will Be Freed into US in 2019
-Washington Examiner
“There has been a 50 percent jump in illegal immigrant gang members coming into the United States this year, according to the former Border Patrol chief” under President Obama, Paul Bedard reports. “What’s more, [Mark Morgan] warned in Senate testimony Thursday, loopholes in federal law will result in some 650,000 illegal immigrants — more than the population of Wyoming — being released into the United States.”
Jobless Claims Dropped to Lowest Level Since 1969 Last Week
-The Wall Street Journal
“The number of Americans filing applications for new unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level in half a century,” Harriet Torry and Paul Kiernan report for The Wall Street Journal. “Thursday’s report suggests the labor market remains strong, leaving businesses reluctant to let workers go.”
NY Times, Washington Post are Still Disgracefully Enabling ‘Collusion Delusion’
-New York Post
“Proving themselves happy to pander to folks who can’t let go of the Collusion Delusion, The New York Times and Washington Post are both suggesting that Attorney General William Barr spun special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to make President Trump look good. But neither account amounts to more than clickbait,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “It’s astounding that [the media is] trying to recover by digging the hole deeper.”
Trump Makes April First Step Act Month, Aiming to Boost Prisoner Rehabilitation Efforts
-Fox News
“President Trump designated April as First Step Act Month, which includes cutting prison sentences for thousands of federal inmates, at a ceremony Monday,” Frank Miles reports. “We’re a nation that believes in redemption,” the President said. With the passage of the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill in December, President Trump “scored a win that eluded his predecessor, Barack Obama.”
Man Accused of Murdering New Jersey Nanny Was Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant from Honduras
-Washington Examiner
“The man charged with murdering a female nanny who went missing while jogging in New Jersey last month was in the U.S. illegally and had twice been deported to Honduras, Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to the Washington ExaminerWednesday,” Anna Giaritelli reports. Jersey City, where the attack took place, designated itself as a sanctuary city in February 2017.
Editorial: Trump Tax Cuts are Not Taxing Situation for Most Americans
-Florida Times-Union
“Earlier this year the national media reported, almost with an implied glee, that taxpayers weren’t seeing the benefits they thought they would reap when President Donald Trump enacted the GOP-backed tax reform package in December 2017 . . . But as we see so often in Trump era, mining the truth requires digging a little deeper,” the Florida Times-Union editorial board writes. “The congressional Joint Committee on Taxation last week estimated that 94% of workers will pay less in taxes this year.”

🎬 Watch: President Trump picks team to bring tax benefits to poor communities

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