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Democrats Need to Help Fix the Border Crisis or Get Out of Trump’s Way

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Democrats Need to Help Fix the Border Crisis or Get Out of Trump’s Way

“Even the most partisan Democrats are hard-pressed at this point to deny that the border crisis President Trump has long been warning about actually exists,” the New York Posteditorial board writes. “Yet that hasn’t stopped them from reflexively denouncing pretty much any action he takes — without suggesting any solution or ideas of their own.”

More than 76,000 individuals crossed the border illegally in February. The total for March is likely to exceed 100,000.

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“President Trump designated April as First Step Act Month, which includes cutting prison sentences for thousands of federal inmates, at a ceremony Monday,” Frank Miles reports for Fox News. “We’re a nation that believes in redemption,” the President said yesterday. With the passage of the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill in December, President Trump “scored a win that eluded his predecessor, Barack Obama.”  
“With one voice, the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have for months called the mass migration of peoples from Latin America northward nothing more than a ‘manufactured crisis.’ Joined by a few foolish Republicans, they have done their best to thwart President Trump’s efforts to enforce border security,” The Washington Timeseditorial board writes. “The president must follow through, if need be, to close the border.”
“Earlier this year the national media reported, almost with an implied glee, that taxpayers weren’t seeing the benefits they thought they would reap when President Donald Trump enacted the GOP-backed tax reform package in December 2017 . . . But as we see so often in Trump era, mining the truth requires digging a little deeper,” the Florida Times-Union editorial board writes. “To recap, looking across the economy we see more Americans working than ever, a robust rise in earnings relative to the recent past, and more money in paychecks with the anticipation of little drop off in the average tax refund.”

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