lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

Take action on World Day for Decent Work!

We have some great news to share on World Day for Decent Work! Over the past few months six additional countries have signed the Protocol[1] to help end forced labor.

Thousands of Freedom United supporters from Jamaica, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain joined you and took action to encourage their governments to make the protections in the Protocol a reality.

You understand why the Forced Labor protocol is important so will you share our campaign?

Signing the Forced Labor Protocol creates new responsibilities for governments in the fight against modern slavery. It includes measures on prevention, protection for victims and justice against perpetrators. Once a country has ratified the Protocol it is legally binding under international law, for which they can be held to account.

But only 20 countries have done so to date.

Tell others why signing the Protocol is a serious commitment to ending forced labor!

Two weeks ago, the world’s leaders came together in New York at the United Nations General Assembly. Thirty-seven states signed a call to action[2] to end forced labor,trafficking and modern slavery.  But despite these words, only 5 of these countries have signed the Protocol, instead focusing on actions for which they cannot be held to account and commitments that are not legally binding.

Act now to help turn commitments to end modern slavery into action.

We understand that there are many more governments who intend to add their country to the list of signatories. What’s holding them up? We hope that with our encouragement, these commitments will turn into action.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Sharan and all at Freedom United and the International Trade Union Confederation
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