martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

OPEN YOUR MIND || Pushing America's Economy Forward


- Ali Meyer, The Washington Free Beacon

Ali Meyer of The Washington Free Beacon reports “the business side of President Trump’s Unified Tax Plan…could push GDP by 5 percent in the next 10 years,” following the release of a new report by the Council of Economic Advisers that found “cutting the corporate tax rate could lift gross domestic product by a range of 3 to 5 percent over the long run.” Meyer writes the study found that due to the business side of the plan, “wage and salary income could increase by roughly $4,000” and that number could be increased even further by reforms to the individual income tax.
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Regarding tax reform, the Independent Women’s Forum’s Patrice Lee Onwuka writes in Fox News on the hypocrisy of “a handful of female senators on the left” who once supported tax relief, but are now “intentionally trying to block tax reform efforts.” Onwuka concludes that this is a “missed opportunity,” for women in Congress to demonstrate “bipartisanship and leadership that will help women succeed in today’s economy.”
In The Times of Israel, Dov Lieber reports that Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon held rare direct talks Sunday night with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Ramallah, in which the two sides discussed bilateral financial relations as well Israel’s settlement policy. The meeting came amid an American push to improve economic ties between the Palestinians and Israel as part of a larger plan to ultimately strike a peace deal.
On the Affordable Care Act, The Washington Times editorial board writes “Obamacare is a disaster,” as the annual round of ACA enrollment shows the average exchange prices for the more popular plans “will rise 34 percent,” and will be even higher in some states.
With ISIS in retreat, Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution writes in RealClearPolitics that the recent American victories against the terrorist state follow Secretary of Defense James Mattis relaxing the rules of U.S. engagement, and making it "veritable open season on Islamic State jihadists." He adds American forces are also training an entire new cadres of anti-ISIS fighters for the battlefield.
And at the Federalist John Daniel Davidson writes on the latest absurd installment in the iconoclastic “war” against historical figures like George Washington and Robert E. Lee, stating “the purpose of this relentless war on the past is not really to adjudicate America’s historical sins or educate the young about them, but to justify political force in the present day.”

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