jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

Praise for Judge Neil Gorsuch

The White House

In less than a week, the confirmation hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch to become our next Supreme Court Justice will begin.

Since President Donald J. Trump announced Judge Gorsuch as his nominee, there has been overwhelming, bipartisan support and praise for his experience, knowledge, and deep respect for the rule of law.

Just days ago, the American Bar Association unanimously rated Judge Gorsuch “well-qualified” to serve on the Supreme Court. According to the ABA, the “committee confines its evaluation to the qualities of integrity, professional competence and judicial demeanor,” and even Senator Chuck Schumer has described the ABA assessment as the “gold standard” in evaluating judicial nominations.

In addition to the exciting ABA news, this week, dozens of Judge Gorsuch’s former Harvard Law classmates came together to endorse his nomination, stating that “Judge Gorsuch is the real deal.” The unique perspective of Judge Gorsuch’s classmates, having known him for a quarter-century and watched him in action, is a testament to the incredible kind of justice the Supreme Court will gain once the Senate confirms him. Read about their experiences with Judge Gorsuch, here. 

It comes as no surprise that Judge Gorsuch is being lauded as a brilliant judge who rules based on the Constitution rather than his own opinions, and regardless of people or politics in the case before him. The Tampa Bay Times, for example, has described Judge Gorsuch as a “well qualified conservative who would not tilt the Supreme Court’s ideological balance” and the Detroit News praised Judge Gorsuch as “highly principled and deeply experienced”.

Just this past week, The Washington Post ran an op-ed describing Judge Gorsuch as a judge who “has ruled for plaintiffs and for defendants; for those accused of crimes as well as for law enforcement; for those who entered the country legally; and for those harmed by environmental damage.” The Post emphasized that Judge Gorsuch’s “approach to resolving legal problems as a lawyer and a judge embodies a reverence for our country’s values and legal system.” Read the entire op-ed and learn why there is no principled reason to oppose Judge Gorsuch, here. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to Support Judge Gorsuch and sign the petition. And don’t forget to follow @GorsuchFacts on Twitter to get up-to-date information on Judge Gorsuch before, during, and after his hearing on March 20th. 

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