domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Yes! A win for Kenyan children


Dear el dispreciau,
Wonderful news! On 17 October in Nairobi – the first ever child protection unit in Kenya was officially launched.
Back in January, we told you that a specialist protection unit to fight child sexual exploitation and abuse was being created. The Kenyan National Police launched this unit with the support of a specialist branch of the UK’s National Crime Agency. It is now up and running – and already keeping children safe.
Since the unit began operating, 176 children have been safeguarded and 15 cases are being pursued against child sex offenders.[1] And this is only the beginning – the specialist unit will be replicated throughout Kenya over the coming years.
At an event on Monday, attended by our partners Child Aid Organisation and HAART, the Director of Criminal Investigations, Ndegwa Muhoro stressed that “next steps after the launch is building other centres across the country but also engaging a multi-agency approach for child protection cases.” 
Sophie Otiende from HAART Kenya said, “the unit is a welcome move as it demonstrates a holistic approach to the issue of commercial child sexual exploitation in Kenya. If civil society and other agencies are involved going forward, this can contribute to ensuring a high standard of care for victims and longevity for the unit.” 
In celebration
Eugenia, Kat, Joanna and the teams at Walk Free, CAOK, HAART and ECPAT UK

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