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White House Easter Egg Roll Rolls on for 141st Year

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White House Easter Egg Roll Rolls on for 141st Year

“The 141st White House Easter Egg Roll – and first lady Melania Trump's third – got underway on the South Lawn Monday,” Maria Puente writes for USA Today.

“More than 30,000 people were expected to join President Trump for the annual rewind of one of the oldest White House traditions, aimed mostly at kids. The main event is the spectacle of children rolling hard-boiled eggs across the lawn, but the first lady introduced two new additions to the festivities: musical eggs and a game of hopscotch named for her ‘Be Best’ initiative to improve the well-being of American children.”

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“It has been clear from the start that the collusion probe has been a stand-in for policy; for the past two years it has been so much easier to attack President Trump on bogus charges of working with the Russians than to actually propose better ideas for moving the country forward,” Liz Peek writes in Fox News. “Democrats face two problems. First, the country is increasingly crediting President Trump with buoyant job creation, higher productivity and wage gains. Second, their party is cracking apart, suffering a leadership vacuum and a surfeit of dissonant noise-makers hungry for attention.”
“President Trump wants to exert ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran, which is why he is giving the sanctions screws another firm twist. Any country that imports Iranian oil will soon face U.S. penalties—with no exceptions,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. “The Trump Administration, to its credit, shows no signs of backing down. If Iran wants sanctions eased, it can stop spreading terror and renegotiate the nuclear deal.”
“Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would end health care as we know it, and Americans should thank him for letting us see where the Democrats want to take the country. Its central premise appears to be that Washington bureaucrats know better than patients and doctors,” Director of the White House’s Domestic Policy Council Joe Grogan writes in RealClearPolitics. There are real problems to fix with U.S. healthcare, but the solutions should not include fewer choices for American patients.
“Hamas professes violence and the destruction of Israel as a method of gaining a better life for Palestinians. This ‘defense’ of Palestinians has led to the problems experienced today: a decimated economy, hundreds killed in violence each year and one of the highest unemployment rates in the world,” U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt writes in The New York Times. “Hamas is to blame for Gaza’s situation.”

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