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The Tax Cut that Keeps on Giving

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The Tax Cut that Keeps on Giving

“Another Tax Day is behind us, but negative media coverage of President Trump’s signature tax-cut legislation continues,” former Heritage Foundation President and founder Ed Feulner writes in The Washington Times. 

“Many reporters and pundits didn’t even wait until the tax cut was signed into law in December 2017 to begin mischaracterizing it,” he writes. “Never mind that the real-world experience of most Americans in the wake of these articles contradicted these gloom-and-doom predictions . . . Unemployment is way down, with jobless claims at their lowest since 1969, thanks in large part to the tax cut. There’s something you don’t hear on CNN and other media outlets.”

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“As we pass the 100-day mark of Democratic control of the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress, now is a good opportunity to examine what the American people have to show for it. On issue after issue, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority has chosen a path of partisanship, rather than problem-solving,” Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) writes in The Daily Signal. “From ignoring the humanitarian crisis at the border to championing an impeachment resolution, it has been one exercise in out-of-touch politics after another.”
“It is high time that Democrat leaders, secure in their walled estates and derisive of the president’s efforts to restore order along our southern border, share the responsibility of supporting and caring for the crowds of undocumented people overwhelming our facilities in Texas, New Mexico and elsewhere,” Liz Peek writes in Fox News. “For months Democrats have denied the emergency at our border, denounced the president for politicizing a ‘manufactured crisis’ and dismissed border patrol professionals who advocate for barriers that might help control the surge. They have steadfastly refused to pass any measures that might alleviate the problem.”
“Visiting Africa to promote female economic development, Ivanka Trump on Monday sought to spotlight laws and customs that hold women on the continent back, from restrictions on property ownership to gender-based violence,” Catherine Lucey reports in The Associated Press. Ms. Trump is on a four-day trip to promote W-GDP, a White House global women’s empowerment initiative.

“We can and we must address these barriers to women’s equality and countries’ prosperity,” Ms. Trump said.

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