viernes, 19 de abril de 2019

PM Modi BJP balakot GST demonetisation

PM Modi BJP balakot GST demonetisation

PM Modi remains India’s most popular leader for his strong decisions, personal appeal

PM Modi's popularity has sustained through the many strong decisions across a broad spectrum of issues that he has taken, many of which the intelligentsia has criticised — Aadhaar and its use, demonetisation, GST implementation, military strategy vis a vis Pakistan, the Doklam standoff, etc.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses his supporters during an election campaign rally in Himmatnagar, Gujarat. (Reuters)

Only President Lula of Brazil could claim to have had a popularity level higher than Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the end of his first term in office. I exclude countries like Russia, where while Vladimir Putin is very popular, the nature of contestation and political freedom for opposition candidates is limited. In India, all the polls conducted by agencies of different hues and preferences, find Modi to be the most popular political leader in the country. The range of popularity may vary but not one survey disputes the fact that he remains the most popular Indian political leader. Nor, in fact, do leaders of the Opposition parties that I meet deny this — they only suggest that it is so because he has managed to fool people.

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