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Kings and moustaches | The Indian Express

Kings and moustaches | The Indian Express

Kings and moustaches

Is there a correlation between popularity of Chulbul Pandey or ‘Singham’ and absence, or presence, of moustache allowances in states?

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Two states where policemen get a moustache allowance — Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Usually, we don’t notice subtle differences in playing cards. Sure, one deck of cards may differ a bit from another, depending on design. But often, the spades sign on ace of spades will be larger and more ornate than the corresponding signs on aces of hearts, diamonds or clubs. There is a historical reason. Card manufacturers had to pay taxes and stamp duties were extended to playing cards in 1711 — in England. You needed a stamp to prove duties had been paid and that stamp would naturally be on the first card of the deck, ace of spades. However, stamping every deck became a nuisance. Hence, the ace of spades bore the insignia of the printing house, proof that taxes had been paid. Consequently, the ace of spades became larger and the legacy often continues.

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