viernes, 19 de abril de 2019

IIT IISR JNU IAS Marathwada BEST strike

IIT IISR JNU IAS Marathwada BEST strike

The IITs, IISERs have lost the plot on what science really means and how it connects with society

Educational institutes and higher learning centres should devote a substantial chunk of their resources to solve local problems for vikas to be meaningful.

Large water supply schemes based on surface water — that are needed — are moribund. Illustration by CR Sasikumar.

As another election gets underway, we see the political class engaged, yet again, in a war of words — claims and counterclaims on what was delivered, of jumle-baazi and corruption. Sadly, there is no analysis of why is vikas— basic amenities, jobs and growth for small enterprises — not being delivered or why there is no coherent plan for the purpose. Instead, what we have is more rights-based beneficiary and good intentions.

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