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How President Trump’s Border Policies Are Boosting Wage Growth

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How President Trump’s Border Policies Are Boosting Wage Growth

“The left won’t admit it, but Friday’s employment report is yet more proof that President Trump’s policies have achieved in a little more than one year something progressive politicians have been championing for nearly forever: a fairly significant increase in the federal minimum wage,” Charles Gasparino writes in the New York Post. “Trump hasn’t officially agreed to raise the federal minimum wage above its current level of $7.25 an hour, but then again, he doesn’t have to. His policies are doing it all for him — including restricting illegal immigration.”

“The numbers don’t lie: The double whammy of lower taxes and a decline in the importing of low-wage illegal workers is making life better for the blue collar.”

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“Even the media finally admit there’s a crisis at our southern border and that Mexico is moving to address it. We should all thank President Trump for prompting Mexico to act with his threat to close the border. But most journalists won’t give Trump credit for anything,” Dan Gainor writes in Fox News. “Instead, many in the media are blaming the president for the border crisis that he is working to solve.”
“In the closing months of Barack Obama’s presidency — at the height of a national election — high-level government officials with access to terrifying loads of clandestine information about American citizens began spying on domestic political opponents,” Charles Hurt writes in The Washington Times. The ensuing investigation “has done nothing but vindicate Mr. Trump and his valid concern that the Obama administration turned America’s clandestine services against domestic political opponents during an election. This is truly terrifying stuff.”
“Unlike the 1990s – when 90 percent of the border crossers were turned around and sent from whence they came – the new migrants are families who intentionally walk up to our border agents and get released into the U.S. after simply saying the magic word ‘asylum,’” Steve Levy writes in Fox News. “So here’s the question: Why aren’t Democrats being held accountable for the border crisis or for blocking asylum reform?”

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