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A Serious Blow to Iran’s Terror Specialists

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A Serious Blow to Iran’s Terror Specialists

“In a bold step, President Trump has formally designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization — a move that carries serious financial implications for Tehran and lengthy prison terms for those who provide material support,” the New York Post editorial board writes. These sanctions are “vital to addressing the key elements that were deliberately omitted from the Obama nuke deal: Iran’s missile program and its fomenting of global terror.”

“As the president promised, withdrawing from that agreement was just one step in ratcheting up the pressure on Tehran. This is another critical step in that direction.”

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“The Trump administration has served the Iranian people and the cause of truth by dubbing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group,” the Washington Examinereditorial board writes. “The IRGC uses violence and economic leverage to achieve authoritarian ends. Calling them terrorists is salutary candor. The designation also serves the cause of peace.”
“The left-wing media will never learn to tell the truth. That was reinforced when we learned that even though special counsel Robert Mueller’s cleared President Trump of false claims against him, many in the media energetically spun the report in a way that perpetuated their anti-Trump narrative of the last two years,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) writes in the Washington Examiner.
“The left and its compliant media are willfully reporting false news to the American people,” the Boston Herald editorial board writes. Over the weekend, many media figures helped amplify a tweet that falsely claimed the President referred to migrants as “animals,” when in truth he was talking about the murderous MS-13 gang. “Americans can tweet what they want. Reputable media personnel, however, are entrusted to be the conveyors of truth . . . Those in media who propagated this toxic lie should be fired.”
“A national security and humanitarian crisis exists at the U.S.-Mexico border — but, for Democrats, it is not critical enough to join with Republicans to fix broken border control and immigration systems,” Bradley Blakeman writes in The Hill. “Instead of seeking compromise and solutions, Democrats seek to thwart the law and give more attention, aid and comfort to illegals than citizens. ‘Sanctuary cities’ and providing social services have only encouraged illegal immigration, overburdened local governments, and prevented Americans from enjoying the benefits of services they pay for but cannot access.”

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