miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

THE BEGINNING OF THE END || What Dreamers Really Need Is Compromise in Congress

"What Dreamers really need is compromise in Congress"

- The New York Post Editorial Board

The New York Post editorial board writes President Trump’s plan to wind-down the Obama-era program for “Dreamers” in six months, gives “Congress time (and a deadline) to pass a law to resolve one of the toughest immigration issues.” The President’s plan “keeps his campaign promise to reverse his predecessor’s clearly illegal action, while showing heart for people stuck in a bind through no fault of their own,” the Post writes. President Obama repeatedly said he couldn’t change the law, and that the DACA program was only temporary, yet Congress failed to pass any meaningful legislation even when it was under Democratic control. The Post concludes, “If Congress is ever to find a way to function again,” immigration reform is a “good start.”
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In The Hill, the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky and David Inserra write that “DACA is bad public policy and violates core constitutional principles,” saying that ending this program “is a crucial step in fixing our immigration system.”
In economic news, economist and columnist Robert Samuelson highlights in The Washington Post the flurry of recent studies and polls showing stronger economic confidence and an increasing number of Americans who identify as middle class.
The National Tax Limitation Foundation’s Lewis Uhler and Peter Ferrara write in Investor's Business Daily, that the U.S. corporate tax rate is “outdated and counterproductive,” and say President Trump’s reforms to the corporate taxes would benefit “blue collar workers and the middle class, with millions more new jobs and the return of rising wages.”
In regards to Hurricane Harvey, RealClearPolitics columnist and former Bush speechwriter Anneke Green praises President Trump’s response to Harvey and attacks the media for finding small and often contradictory reasons to criticize the President.

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