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The Theme of President Trump’s State of the Union: “Choosing Greatness”

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The Theme of President Trump’s State of the Union: “Choosing Greatness”

In Fox News, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich writes that “there is a certain logic to President Trump emphasizing that Americans should move beyond vicious partisanship and ‘choose greatness’ for their country. This concept of American greatness has deep roots – from the Founding Fathers through Abraham Lincoln to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Tonight the President “will be building on an astonishing run of economic growth, job creation, the lowest unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics and Latinos historically recorded, rising real wages and real progress in trade negotiations.”

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In USA Today, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) writes that border walls work, and Democrats know it all too well. “The clock is ticking, and Congress must quickly develop comprehensive border security legislation. America is waiting. But first, Democrats must realize something simple — something the American people already understand: We need a wall. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismisses a border wall as ‘immoral.’ This claim is brazenly false.”
“In June, the Trump administration instituted new rules that would allow small businesses and individuals to access health insurance through what the president called ‘association health plans.’ This would permit certain businesses and the self-employed to band together, even across state lines, to provide coverage for members outside of Obamacare’s strict rules,” Jack Hunter writes in the Washington Examiner. Critics incorrectly predicted this plan would fail, Hunter notes. “It turns out association health plans have quickly become a solution to many Americans’ coverage problems, are more affordable than Obamacare, and are helping many get the care they need.”
“In a historic march to regain control of their country, which was once the most prosperous nation in South America, Venezuelans bravely and peacefully took to the streets in hopes of reclaiming their homeland from the violent tyranny that is choking the country,” Lieutenant Governor of Florida Jeanette Nuñez writes in the Miami Herald. “In solidarity, President Trump took an important step in recognizing Juan Guaidó, the highest ranking and legitimately elected leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly, as the country’s interim president. Many other nations, including Canada, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, have followed suit.”

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