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New migrant caravan forms as Mexican cities that border US keep swelling with asylum seekers | Fox News

New migrant caravan forms as Mexican cities that border US keep swelling with asylum seekers | Fox News

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New Migrant Caravan Forms as Mexican Cities That Border US Keep Swelling with Asylum Seekers

“Yet another caravan of more than 1,000 mostly Central American migrants has crossed Mexico’s southern border, according to officials. They clashed briefly with federal police and immigration agents (INM) but were able to overwhelm the officials and enter illegally,” Griff Jenkins reports for Fox News.

“The new caravan begins the march north toward the United States as border cities like Ciudad Juárez are swelling with migrants already here from previous caravans . . . Such pressures on U.S. border cities like El Paso, Texas, which is across from Ciudad Juárez, are evident in the number of apprehensions for illegal entry, which is up 478 percent this year.”

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“Vice President Mike Pence visited an economically struggling neighborhood in a northeast section of South Carolina’s capital city Thursday to tout the ‘Opportunity Zones’ program U.S. Sen. Tim Scott [R-SC] championed in Congress,” Jamie Lovegrove reports in The Post and Courier. Opportunity zones, a key piece of the tax cuts President Trump signed into law in 2017, are helping restore distressed communities nationwide.
Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump toured a UPS driver training facility in Duluth, Georgia, with Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) on Wednesday, detailing the Trump Administration’s focus on workforce development, Kelly Yamanouchi writes in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Last year, UPS “signed a pledge in support of President Trump’s workforce development initiative, committing to offer opportunities for career advancement to more than 50,000 employees.”
In USA Today, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) point out that tax refunds are lower today because taxes are lower—keeping more money in Americans’ hands all year long. Democrats were wrong that tax cuts would hurt our economy. Now, they are “peddling the scary elixir that ‘lower tax refunds mean higher taxes.’ Wrong again . . . This claim about refunds, as the Washington Post’s fact checker observed, is ‘nonsensical and misleading.’”
“President Trump’s speech Monday afternoon in Miami wasn’t just directed at Nicolas Maduro and the socialists of Venezuela — it was also a stark reminder to left-leaning Americans that socialism's days are ‘numbered,’” Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer writes in The Detroit News. “As Democrats rally around radical proposals such as ‘Medicare-for-all,’ free college tuition, enormous minimum wage increases, and even guaranteed basic income, it was President Trump’s responsibility to remind us that socialism’s sweeping promises are always empty.”

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