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25 MS-13 Gang Members Deported from Migrant Caravan in Mexico, Officials Say

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25 MS-13 Gang Members Deported from Migrant Caravan in Mexico, Officials Say

“At least 25 people affiliated with the MS-13 gang were deported from Mexico after they were revealed to be concealed within the caravan of 1,600 Central American migrants just across the U.S. border, immigration officials said Tuesday,” Jacqui Heinrich and Travis Fedschun report for Fox News.

“The caravan first arrived in Piedras Negras, Mexico, two weeks ago across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, when officials from the Instituto Nacional de Migración identified 10 gang members from Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13. But after warehouse scuffles with police last week, officials discovered and deported 15 additional MS-13 ‘agitators,’ INM Media Deputy Director Aline Juarez told Fox News.”

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“President Trump is making the right move by supporting Juan Guaidó as Venezuela's self-declared interim president, Latin America expert Lindsay Singleton said Tuesday on Hill.TV,” Tess Bonn writes. President Trump “ramped up pressure on Venezuela’s embattled president, Nicolás Maduro, during a speech in Miami, where he voiced support for Guaidó’s attempt to remove Maduro from power. Trump also warned about the perils of socialism and called for Maduro to end the humanitarian aid blockade.”
“President Donald Trump signed a directive on Tuesday that ordered the Department of Defense create a Space Force as a sixth military branch. Known as Space Policy Directive 4 (SPD-4), the directive orders the Pentagon draft legislation for Congress that would create the Space Force as a part of the U.S. Air Force,” Michael Sheetz and Amanda Macias report for CNBC. This move sets in motion the creation of America’s first new military branch in more than 70 years.
“The fight against drug trafficking in our country has been a continuous and devastating battle. Millions of American lives have been impacted, and we have seen the destructive power illegal drugs can unleash on a community,” Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS) writes in Fox News. “I support President Trump’s plan to secure our border and believe his approach that includes a physical barrier is necessary to protect our communities from the growing dangers of fentanyl, street-level narcotics, and synthetic prescription drugs.”

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