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OPEN YOUR MIND || The American Spirit is Alive in Texas

"The American Spirit is Alive in Texas"

- Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal

Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal, writes in the face of disaster, the citizens of Texas are selflessly holding the line. She pleads for politicians to “give Texas everything it needs,” adding they should not “use this disaster to score points.” Ms. Noonan describes some of the courageous and generous acts of Texans during the storm, like a woman going into labor as the floodwaters rose, with her neighbors forming a human chain to help her out of her apartment complex. She concludes: “We are a great nation. We forget. But what happened in Texas reminded us. It said: My beloved America you’re not a mirage, you’re still here.”
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CNBC reports on Thursday’s announcement that the President will donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
CNN writes of the Harvey aftermath, Houston’s mayor “struck an optimistic tone” declaring the city is “open for business,” pointing to “small signs of recovery, such as fewer people in shelters, more bus lines resuming and the city’s shipping channel reopening on a limited basis.”
In tax reform news, the New York Post editorial board writes that the need for tax reform can be seen in “stunning” new Bureau of Labor Statistics data, which shows that the average American household paid $10,489 in taxes in 2016, “a whopping 41 percent more than just three years earlier.”
The New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board calls the President’s tax roll out “a very good start,” saying “Trump’s plan simplifies America’s broken tax code” and that the repatriation of money that U.S. companies are holding overseas, which the President’s plan encourages, “would give the U.S. economy a shot of Adrenalin.”

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