viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Tell Nevsun “No!”

Tell Nevsun “No!”

On May 3, Nevsun – the mining company that operates in Eritrea, northeast Africa, will hold their Annual General Meeting in Vancouver. We will grab this opportunity to show their investors and shareholders that we do not want companies profiting from a system of state-sponsored forced labor.

Will your name be there?

Your signatures will be represented by our partners outside the AGM venue, who will be holding banners in full view of the company and investor executives as they arrive.

Call on Nevsun’s shareholders to sell their holdings in the company making clear that profiting from modern slavery is not acceptable.

Thousands of Eritreans are conscripted into military service indefinitely and used as a cheap labor source by the government, and often subject to untold suffering.[1] Yet since 2008, Nevsun Resources – a Canadian-owned company – set up operations in Eritrea mining copper, zinc and gold and employed a state-owned company, that uses forced conscript labor, to construct its Bisha mine. 

Nevsun claims it has no responsibility but legal cases lodged by former workers are working through the Canadian court system. Now, the time has come to say – enough.We must take a stand now and show international companies that we cannot stand by silently while they accrue profits from repression and the use of slavery.

Urge shareholders BlackRock and M&G to divest from Nevsun.

In hope,

Joanna, Kat and the whole Freedom United team

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