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CETA, Heathrow, #NHSNotNuclear and a Brexit money back guarantee

An update on what your MEP is doing for you in the European Parliament and the South East of England.

A message from Keith

Welcome to the February edition of my newsletter. The EU referendum was eight months, but the post-referendum process is still shrouded in uncertainty. However, one thing that is becoming clearer is Theresa May's eagerness to lead Britain off the cliff edge of an extreme Brexit. In this newsletter, you will find updates on the EU-Canada toxic trade deal CETA, the Government's shameful decision to renege on its promises to child refugees, an appalling rise in rough sleeping, find out more about #NHSNotNuclear and why I decided to sign up as a plaintiff in the so-called 'Dublin Case'.​

Why a Brexit ‘money back guarantee’ is important

As a plaintiff in the so-called Dublin Case, I am fighting for a Brexit money back guarantee. I'm asking for clarification on whether Britain standing alone has the legal right to rescind our Article 50 notification if we change our mind about Brexit - or it isn't as advertised. Read more...

Keith and his Green colleagues were among the only UK MEPs to vote against the toxic Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in the European Parliament.

Brexit is no escape from toxic trade deals like CETA

The European Parliament has voted to green-light CETA, the controversial EU-Canada trade deal. Despite opposition from trade justice campaigners, trade unions, European Green Parties and millions of citizens in the EU and Canada, the deal was approved by a majority of MEPs. I and other Greens MEPs were among the only UK representatives to vote against the deal. Conservative and Lib Dem MEPs supported CETA along with a number of Labour MEPs. Read more...

#NHSNotNuclear: time to scrap nuclear follies and fix the funding shortfall

NHS spending under the Conservative government is at its lowest since the 1950s, the latest accounts reveal a funding shortfall of £900m for the first nine months of the 2016-17 financial year. Meanwhile, Theresa May has approved the renewal of Trident, cost £205bn; is pushing ahead with the Hinkley ‘white elephant’, cost £37bn, and is looking set to take in a stake in the faltering Moorside and Wylfa nuclear projects, cost £7bn. Read more...

Compassionate Conservatism died when Theresa May abandoned child refugees

It is shameful that Theresa May has decided to renege on the government’s promise to bring the most vulnerable refugee children to safety. The UK has taken just 350 lone child refugees, which is nowhere near the 3,000 originally proposed by Lord Dubs. Any claim by the Prime Minister to be a compassionate Conservative is utterly undermined by the dereliction of duty to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.  Read more...

Brits want a new Clean Air Act

The government’s concerning attitude of indifference towards its duty to safeguard the health of British citizens has been exposed, yet again. The European Commission has sent a “final warning” to the UK for failing to address repeated breaches of legal air pollution limits in 16 areas including the South East and Southampton. The notice was issued as a poll revealed 65% of Britons support a new Clean Air Act. ​Read more...

Appalling rise in rough sleeping in Brighton is a symptom of a wider problem that shames Britain

Government figures reveal that in England between 2015 and 2016, the number of people on the streets rose by an average of 20% outside London, whereas in the capital it was 3%. Brighton is second only to London for the number of people sleeping rough on its streets, and that figure rose by a staggering 84%. These statistics are an utter disgrace; they should shame Britain and are a symptom of a much wider problem. Read more...

Working across the South East of England

To keep in touch with my constituents, I have a team of staff based in the UK:
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