sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

Hands off Kenya's children

Men would ask our ages and the younger the better... Some of the men would beat me, especially when I refused to take drugs or I insisted on using a condom… Now I know I was being exploited for my body – Caroline, aged 16.1

Dear el dispreciau,
Caroline’s experience is all too common. Between 30,000 and 50,000 children across Kenya are victims of commercial sexual exploitation, concentrated in coastal tourist hotspots.2 
You have already joined over 80,000 others in supporting the campaign to put pressure on the Kenyan Government to better police the tourism industry. As you know, there is an international tourism standard designed to protect children against these abuses known as the Code of Conduct.3
Will you now go one step further in your support? Forward the email below asking your friends and family to call on the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism to do more to ensure predators keep their hands off children. 
The Code can help bring about greater protection for children along Kenya’s tourist-friendly coast. Together, we can influence the whole tourism sector in Kenya to take commercial sexual exploitation of children seriously by pressuring the government to ensure all businesses fully implement the Code.
In solidarity,
Eugenia, Alex, Joanna, Tom and the teams at Walk Free and CAOK

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