jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

“We are suffering and we have no school”

Dear el dispreciau,
“The bullets were heavy. It was impossible to run. It was hard to use a gun…”1
When conflict started in South Sudan almost 2 years ago, David* was abducted from his school and forced into combat by one of the militant groups in the country. He was only 16.
David escaped one night under the pretense of collecting firewood, and now he lives in a shelter with other escapees. But his fears are far from over: “Here there is nothing. We are suffering and we have no school.”2
We’ve partnered with A World At School to help child soldiers like David, and the many other children who fall into modern slavery while living in conflict zones around the world. By urging world leaders to donate to a Global Humanitarian Fund for Education in Emergencies, schools can be built in some of the most threatening areas of the world, providing a refuge for children who need it most. But to make this happen we need your help -- governments won’t commit unless they know this plan has support.
Please sign our petition calling on world leaders to commit to funding education in crisis areas.
New reports have revealed that 13 million children in the Middle East are out of school due to violence and wars.3 This number is unacceptable, and we know that during emergency situations, children are at greater risk of being exploited as child soldiers and child brides.
In less than 2 weeks, we will be presenting our signatures, along with 8 million others collected by our partners, at a huge event in New York attended by over 1,500 world leaders, charities and school children. This is our chance to collect as many signatures as possible and show that modern slavery is a crucial issue in conflict zones.
Send your name to New York and sign our petition.
In solidarity,
Zoe, Sonia, Alex and the whole Walk Free team.
*Name changed

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