sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

Slavery on Kenya’s beaches

Dear "el dispreciau",
Kenya’s beaches are meant to be a place of happy memories and holidays. Yet along the coast is where commercial sexual exploitation of children is thriving.
Many tourists actually come to Kenya with the belief that sex with children is culturally and legally acceptable in these parts of the country and thousands of children are being exploited as a result.1
Our partner Child Aid Kenya is taking to the frontlines in the battle to tackle this form of modern slavery. As you read this, they’re working with Child Protection Officers to visit communities in these areas and meet with local leaders, parents and children to discuss how they can practically protect their children from sexual exploitation and abuse.
Here’s a simple way that you can support this important work:
By taking action, we are demonstrating to the government of Kenya that there is global support to tackle this problem. We will also be standing with the people of Kenya to urge their government to take important steps to ensure that travelling sex offenders do not destroy the future and dreams of Kenyan children.
Thanks in advance for your support,
Sonia, Joanna, Jayde, Tom and the entire team at Walk Free and Child Aid Kenya

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