domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Forced child marriage - find out more

“He was always trying to make it clear that…he had bought me, that it was not because I wanted him but because he had bought me.” Aysha*, Survivor.[1]

At age 13, Aysha* was forced to leave home, travel many miles, and marry an older man. Her marriage signaled an end to her freedom. She found herself locked inside her husband’s house and subjected to sexual exploitation. Aysha* managed to escape with the help of her brother and is training to be a nurse, but for many other girls, there is no way out.[2]

Click here to read more about what girls like Aysha* face when they are subjected to forced child marriage.

Did you know, that right now there are 700 million women around the world who were married as children?[3] For some of them, this was a forced union that led to slavery and exploitation.

Victims of forced child marriage can find themselves subjected to abuse, sexual exploitation and control, with little or no power over their own movements. Often, the girl will be controlled through violence, threats and humiliation, and find herself unable to safely leave the marriage.

Check out this blog to find out why child marriage is such a problem around the world and what we can do about it.

At Freedom United, we are doing everything in our power to fight forced child marriage. Only by uniting as a movement can we begin to find a solution.

In solidarity,

Zoe, Miriam, Joanna and the Freedom United Team
*Name changed to protect privacy


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