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Medical and ethical of Artificial heart implantation and Non-heart-beating death diagnosis, and so on Nº55.

nº 55

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5/30/ 2017


Artificial hearts implanted there must be proportionality between risk for the patient & the benefits.One specific field of use is paediatric heart surgery,

Artificial hearts implanted. Update on clinical use and ethical assessment

After 2500 artificial hearts implanted only in Europe. They has now been substantially simplified but until now it has been only implanted in patients with very severe heart failure, almost terminal. See the device function, its impalntation and ethical assessement …
Asystole death criterion is the clue of the Spain record of transpalnt organs.Is it ethical? Does It meets international requirements of this practice?

Is it ethical to use asystole as a death criterion?

About non-heart-beating death criterion, doubts are really more clinical than ethical, we believe that until these are resolved, the use of cardiac arrest to obtain organs should be questioned… Read more.
Stem cell research,challenge clinical experiments and therapeutic applications.Risk clinical applications will become a illicit enrichment

Stem cell research. The two sides of the coin

Science facing the market. The "heads" of stem cell research Stem cells today represent a great hope for the future of regenerative medicine due to their ability to differentiate into cell lines of almost any tissue, making them a promising therapeutic option for many diseases. These pluripotent cells are found in embryonic and also in adult tissues. Their isolation and culture … Read more.  


CRISPR technique in viable human embryos and germline genetic modification when the safety is still far from being guaranteed.

CRISPR used in viable human embryos and germline genetic modification

The use and destruction of human embryos, members of our species and worthy of full dignity is completely unacceptable and, it should be noted,  these experiments involve genetic modification of the germline, the safety of which is still far from being guaranteed…
germline gene editing heritable risks

Germline gene editing could soon reach the USA

 On 14th February 2017, the National Academy of Science and the National Academy of Medicine in the United States (Washington, D.C.) issued a report drawn up by an international committee regarding the advisability of …
Australian assisted reproduction clinics - IVF clinics were being investigated for misleading their patients changing data of success of their techniques

Australian assisted reproduction clinics accused of misleading patients

This is a topic that we have addressed in depth in our Observatory , especially on the European and American IVF data and the content of the brochures of most clinics.  In other words, they…


Conscientious objectors of abortion are rising between gynecologists in Italy. Their reasons are based on ethical and medical arguments

Italian gynaecologists refuse to participate in abortions. 

Although abortions in Italy have fallen dramatically, the number of objectors in most hospitals are increasing. According to figures from the Italian Ministry of Health…
Opponents same-sex marriage. Virginia Senate eliminate a law that discriminate for believing only in marriage between a man and a woman
Thailand example Thai society reduced the prevalence of HIV infection in pregnant women from 2% Mother-child HIV transmission consequently falls

Mother-child HIV transmission falls. Thailand example

From the early to mid-1990s, an epidemic wave of HIV-infected women and infants occurred. Heterosexual HIV transmission, as described in the Asian Epidemic Model, now the early and concerted multi-sectoral response of Thai society reduced the… Read more.
The European Parliament Commission on the Status of Women recently announced its "priorities" for its next conference is defend women right to abortion

E.U. Parliament Commission announced its "priority", defend the right to abortion

Will European Parliament change its position about abortion?… Read more.

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