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Sen. Marco Rubio: Trump State of the Union Reminds Us of What Matters to America

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Sen. Marco Rubio: Trump State of the Union Reminds Us of What Matters to America

“President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night was a much-needed and refreshing reminder that life does indeed exist outside the Washington bubble,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) writes for Fox News.

“He spoke to the hundreds of millions of Americans who do not spend each day refreshing their Twitter accounts to find out the latest ‘hot take’ . . .  It is time we focus on what matters to the American people, not to Washington pundits.”

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President Trump seized the moment last night with a “powerful, patriotic” State of the Union message to Americans across the political spectrum. “And then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinforced his message with her oh-so-symbolic ripping up of the text. What, other than channeling the alienation of the Democratic base from the great American center, was she thinking?” the New York Post editorial board writes.
“President Donald Trump surprised an Army wife during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, bringing her husband home from Afghanistan and directly into the chamber . . . The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as Sergeant Williams walked down the steps to embrace his stunned wife and children,” Virginia Kruta writes for The Daily Caller.
“The jobs market kicked off 2020 in grand fashion, adding 291,000 in private payrolls for the best monthly gain since May 2015 . . . That was well above the 150,000 estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones,” Jeff Cox reports for CNBC.

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