viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Speak out in support of survivors


“Think about your worst experience. Now think about reliving that experience every single time someone asks you about it. That is what victims of trafficking and survivors like me have to go through every time we tell our stories.” Sophie Otiende, Survivor.
Did you watch Sophie, and other survivors of modern slavery, tell their story in our My Story My Dignity campaign? Since we’ve launched this campaign, we’ve had an outpouring of support from supporters like you who’ve opened their eyes to the experiences survivors’ face when their stories are reported.
Please sign our petition calling on the media to present survivors’ stories with respect and dignity.
By sharing their own experiences, survivors of slavery are able to help educate and inspire the world to take action on slavery. However, if their stories are not thoughtfully reported they may harm survivors, and by misrepresenting modern slavery, poor media coverage can damage our efforts to end it.
While we understand the media relies upon attention-grabbing stories and images to raise awareness of the issue, survivors of slavery have told us that sensationalizing slavery does not always reflect their experiences accurately or in a dignified way.
“I challenge all the news outlets to start representing the issue as it is.” Rebekah Charleston, Survivor.
Join Rebekah’s challenge, and urge the Associated Press, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, and The New York Times to endorse our guidelines for reporting on modern slavery.

In solidarity,
Zoe, Joanna, Nora and the Freedom United team.
Zoe, Joanna, Nora and the Freedom United team.

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