miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

I'm a strong woman. I'm #NotJustAMaid.

Dear "el dispreciau",
This is Leni. She’s a domestic worker in Jakarta - and a strong woman.
Leni’s life hasn’t always been easy. She was pressured to work around the clock - with no contract - in caring for a French diplomat's children in Indonesia. Today, Leni is speaking out so that all domestic workers are treated with respect.
We’re thrilled that you’ve shown your support for domestic workers’ rights. Today we need your help to keep up the pressure on the Indonesian House of Representatives. Last week, the Domestic Workers' Bill made the first cut of 57 bills recommended for the 2016 legislative agenda, but the test comes in January when the House finalises its selection.
To get firsthand accounts from domestic workers, we met with Leni and two other women to hear their powerful stories and hopes for the future.
Thank you for your amazing support!
Jamison, Alex, Amy, Migrant Care, and the Walk Free team

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