martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

Stop the World Bank from supporting forced labour

Dear "el dispreciau",
Drugged, beaten and detained by police -- this was the fate of activist Elena Urlaeva who dared to document state-sponsored forced labour in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan this May.1
In Uzbekistan, the whole country suffers at the time of the cotton harvest. The government operates the world’s largest state-run system of forced labour that sees teachers and doctors removed from their roles to work in the fields for up to two months each year and pensioners forced to pick cotton or else submit 50% of their pension.2 Anyone who tries to speak out, like Elena, is brutally repressed.
What’s worse is that international institutions like the World Bank are helping Uzbekistan keep its dirty secret.3 Right now they are funding projects in Uzbekistan that are documented to be using forced labour.4
The good news is that the World Bank signed a contract agreeing to suspend loans if evidence of forced labour was uncovered.5 Now we need your help to hold them to this promise.
Tell the World Bank to suspend loans to the Uzbek government until it stops using forced labour.
Once again this year, announcements calling “everyone to the cotton fields” were heard echoing around the countryside of Uzbekistan.6 The only way we can stop this from happening again is by hitting the Uzbek government where it hurts -- its pocket. 
Together with the Cotton Campaign, we're calling on the World Bank to account for its actions in propagating Uzbekistan’s forced labour regime. By this action, we’re showing that the international community will not accept or fund this state-sanctioned form of modern slavery. However, without huge public pressure, the World Bank may turn a blind eye -- please don’t let this happen:
Sign our petition now and help put an end to forced labour in Uzbekistan.
In solidarity,
Zoe, Vicky, Joanna and the Walk Free team
3 The World Bank is an international institution that provides loans for developing countries

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