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MISIL ► Edward Snowden: “When you collect everything, you understand nothing.”

Edward Snowden: “When you collect everything, you understand nothing.”


Germaine Greer is consistently described as "a feminist icon", although many younger feminists would be loathe to hang this particular icon in their living room. Ms Greer, who can both swear like a trooper and decipher Shakespeare, is a woman of robust and sometimes unprintable opinions on women and sexuality. But from time to time she hits the bullseye with her unconventional insights into issues like abortion, contraception, IVF, pornography, and now, transgender men. Read all about it here
As you may have realised, we are conducting a campaign to keep MercatorNet afloat. A number of people have already responded quite generously. Dig deep! Or at least consider doing what this young lady told us: "sorry im 13 and dont have any money, but i will definitely tell my mom".

Michael Cook

Transexuals trash a feminist icon
Michael Cook | FEATURES | 26 October 2015
Germaine Greer is being pilloried for her forthright views
‘Hush’: the breast cancer risk we don’t mention
Barbara Kay | FEATURES | 26 October 2015
A new documentary film challenges the official silence on abortion risk.
It shouldn’t be ground-breaking to say that women are not men
Shannon Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 26 October 2015
Yet, somehow it is these days.
How strong families help create prosperous states
Anna Sutherland and W. Bradford Wilcox | FAMILY EDGE | 26 October 2015
For one thing, married men work more.
Edward Snowden: “When you collect everything, you understand nothing.”
Denyse O'Leary | CONNECTING | 25 October 2015
Mass spying on citizens "fundamentally changes the balance of power between the citizen and the state."
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